Male Enhancement Exercises

Male Enhancement Exercises – Why these are the best way to grow your penis?

Male Enhancement Exercises

Male Enhancement Exercises - Size Matters!

The purpose of this article is to show you some common and easy methods to extend your penis both in length and girth. It will be focused on the overview of the methods, rather than the techniques as you can develop your own technique to do the Male enhancement exercises without our help. You should be aware thought that these techniques are going to bring only temporary results if done rarely and for even better results you should consider using penis extender devices which we have described in the other articles, as permanent results come only after dedication and burning desire!

Make sure to read the article fully, as the methods are not randomly classified!

Natural Male enhancement exercises are being employed all around the globe as well as the males practicing them are achieving fantastic results. If you exercise your penis it is just the same as exercising any other part of your body.

The way these exercises perform to make your penis bigger naturally is by supplying far more blood circulation towards the chambers inside your penis. As soon as the chambers within your penis start to receive much more blood circulation your penis will turn out to be larger in length and girth. Natural Male enhancement exercises are the most efficient if you carry out them repeatedly and continually

However most people consider their penis a muscle because of the above explanation, which is NOT true at all. Your penis is mainly formed by two tissues – Corpus Spongiosus and Corpora Cavernosa – and these both are sponge-like in nature, so as it can be seen obviously there’s no muscle tissue in there. When you are doing exercises it’s important to understand that the whole purpose is to make the cells of the Corpora Cavernosa to start dividing (that’s most of the cells in your body, the cells of Corpora Cavernosa are able to grow in number thus provide more length and girth to your penis). After that it’s also important to be persistent as the cell dividing process during the exercises is slow and at the same time STEADY. So the more you practice Male enhancement exercisesthe more results you can see. The above information should make clear why the penile gains and training is compared to muscle gains so widely.

Corpora Cavernosa

Corpora Cavernosa


As stated in the beginning we are only going to give you overview of a category of Male enhancement exercises, and it will be Self-Applied Exercises. Again, let’s stress on that – make sure to read the article fully, as the methods are not randomly classified!

Cosmetic Male enhancement exercises – this method is widely used by men as it doesn’t include any manual, medical or surgery type of intervention, because it’s more like virtual way to make your penis appear bigger. It includes one or all of the following:
- shaving the hair around the penis, making it stand out as it’s hanging of your main body, thus creating the illusion for bigger size

- losing weight – as there are no muscle or fat cells in your penis it’s easy to make it look bigger by losing weight. That way the size of your penis will remain as it was before, yet it will appear bigger for anyone who’s able to see it.

Combined the above two methods are highly effective in terms of appearance, yet they are not satisfactory enough for most of the males, and therefore they are seeking actual growing methods which will provide effective and non-virtual penis growth.

Pumping – This method is based on attaching pumps to your penis to extend its’ girth, and is potentially one of the most dangerous methods that exists up to date. The product is securely linked, held, or put, respectively, on the starting of the erect penis while extensive masturbation is carried out on a strongly erect penis. Using such a technique or device is dangerous, because the blood flow which is stuck in the penis while doing the procedure may lead to impossibility to remove the device except with surgery intervention.

Hanging – This method is most probably the first method ever used from the group of Male enhancement exercises. There are evidence that certain African tribes have been using this exact method way before it gain popularity in America and Europe. The core of this method is based on manually attaching string to your penis which has weights attached on the opposite end. One should start with the lightest weight possible and continue to increase the weight until visible and satisfying results are achieved. This method however should be controlled by qualified specialist as it hides risks much bigger and worse than most of the men could imagine when starting that particular Male enhancement exercises. The risks include but are not limited to chronic pain in the penile area, permanent nerve damage leading to erection disability and even impotence! Moreover this method hides overall health risks due to restriction of blood flow at a certain moment.

Stretching – This method is most probably the safest and best clinically tested with numerous medical researches done. It is also the one method which provides quality, steady and permanent results with over 90% guarantee of success! In its core the method is based on attaching a penis stretcher or extender to the penile area for certain amount of time, which is acting like the hanging method explained earlier, only it’s safer because the forces which are applied to the penis are clinically tested and proven to work. The penis extender is causing dividing effects in the cells of Corpora Cavernosa and thus increasing the penis length and girth. Also this method is the safest available right now on the market and it’s way cheaper than the one method which is known to give this kind of results – surgery, but it’s much safer with no additional risks.

As you can understand stretching is the method you should choose. There are quite a few products offering this method however we recommend you to read about SizeGenetics Clinical Studies and Medical Research, and also 16 way comfort mechanism by SizeGenetics. This is the only male enhancement product on the market that has Type 1 Medical Device license, and is safer than any other product on the market.

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